Monday, August 25, 2008

Stripping AND! Sanding

There is rust at the bottom of the windshield which we need to weld, and to see the extent of the damage, so we used "aircraft stripper" to remove all of the paint on the panel near the rusted areas.
I do not currently have photos, but I'll add some soon.

Also, we sanded the tailgate with the new air compressor and air sander! How exciting! Then we "Marine Clean"ed it, and "Metal Ready"d it, and hung the tailgate by bunjee cords so we could spray it all at once with "self-etch primer" in light gray.

A few days previous to all this, I "Por 15"ed the bumper (covered in rust) and a few other patches here and there on the car that also needed some rust-preventative love.

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