Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Out... Can You Believe It?

Fuel Lines
Bumper (Front, as there was no Rear)
Power Steering Hoses/Pump/Computer
Heater Core/Fan/Motor (this had siezed, so my handy dad took it apart, which took some doing, and put it back together so it is now in full working-operation)
Gas cover
Gas cap
Gas filling tube
A Heat Shield (from under the cab)
All Carpeting

The air sander arrived the other day, so now where's the new air compressor?!       [Link active as of Aug.10.08]

And I started sanding some of the surface rust a little. I learned what it meant to 'feather' the sanding (I am learning a lot, go ahead and laugh if you want.)

Finally we will begin the restoration!

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