Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The beginning of re-assembly! wow! gosh! Gasp!

The front: protected by a blue-jean custom-made cover!

See the motor(blue), the transmission (metallicdirty), and the attached drive-shafts(next to motor/ black)!

This is the "before" picture for a (hopefully) soon-following "after" picture with a homemade headliner, and either bought or created door panels.

Notice the doors are on!

Had to give you all angles...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A trip!

So, after several days of spraying, turns out that the water-based paint we were spraying runs if it hasn't dried and the morning dew comes. We decided to get it professionally painted.
since it is so thouroghly gutted, we had to put a foldable chair inside to get it down the driveway.
it seems it was a miracle everything got there safe and sound the way we loaded it...


This is how we all felt when the airbrush broke because of improper cleaning...

This is a couple days later after we fixed it!

more masking

more masking!

and masking!