Thursday, November 13, 2008


Can you believe how long it's taken just to get the car ready to paint[16 weeks]? I bet you're beginning to wonder if you'll ever get to see somebody converting a gas-guzzler into an elctricity guzzler! But don't worry! I feel exactly the same way: you're not alone.

But anyway! The other day we got really into masking so it looks all cool and retro! Brian wants to get lime green tires. I think not.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

DMV victory

I finally got my name on the registration, and a temporary op. permit that lasts until the end of the year! I win! Finally! And I only had to go to the Novato DMV once (where they actually know how to do their jobs!)

We are all primered and ready to get a-painting.

I purchased a black hard-rubber restorative for the wheel-well covers and bumpers and guards (and other whatnot that is rubber and black) so everything will look nice once we put it all back together again. [not like humpty-dumpty]

as always, things are continuing-- slowly but surely.