Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Por 15

The bed had many well-spread out patches of rust, so we opted to por 15 the whole thing after a small selection of stripping (the worst rust bits.) I did all the "clean"ing (Marine Clean) and "ready"ing (Metal Ready), and went crazy with the P-15 paint. A few days later I returned to see that the paint had bubbled in patches[boooo, hissss], so I am in the process of re-stripping and "clean"ing and "ready"ing and "15"ing. I hope I have enough paint left...

As a side note: I apologize for the current lack of photography, which is impossible because by camera began to take (almost)entirely pink photos which render the intended image unreadable... so unfortunately we will all have to wait until I get a new one.

We still have not done the welding [Why?! Why is it taking so long to get a welder!?]

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