Sunday, April 5, 2009

Batteries! Cabling!

The batteries finally arrived! and we secured them all (the ones that will live in the bed) down and cabled them!

[Don't forget that you can still, always, click an image for a larger view]

Look how professionally we made those cables!(with a hammer crimper and some glue-heat-shrink)

A few of the taillights had corrosion so we had to do a little surgery to get to the "root of the issue"

The root of the issue! (the silver contacts)

The mounted, repaired tail-lights.

The "pot box" which will translate how hard I step on the "gas" to the controller(which is now also mounted but I don't have a pic of it yet.)

This picture is a poor representation of reality, but it shows the passenger door latch. I felt it deserved a photo because I feel like aligning this door was a significant accomplishment. I am proud that it now latches like soft butter (not the sledgehammer it used to be!)

This is the (from R to L) vacuum reservoir, brake fluid and vacuum pump[the black in the background is the original vacuum booster]. These are going to create pressure for my brakes which used to be run by a vacuum in the old ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).

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