Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interior and battery(box) info

This is the battery box which will go in the bed. Made entirely by Brian (many thanks.)

This is a custom indent we made because of where the gas tank fit, in the trucks previous incarnation as a gas guzzler.

This is a closeup of the required vent holes so there will be no buildup of gas released by the batteries as they nestle together in thier freshly made home... or later on...

The door panels are on... mostly (they require a little fine tuning still)

We got the carpeting in-- as well as the seats (that was not easy)


The dashboard is in too.

Bumper cover: ON! [BAM!!]

This shows where the 2# cables will enter and exit on their pathway to and from the rear batteries. Also shown are the mounting holes for the aforementioned battery box.

This is the latest update from yours truly: VeryBusySveltron!
Note that Valentines day has been spent working on the car and informing its followers.

the (unlikely) projected finish date is Feb. 24th [My birthday.]
Over and out.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the awesome work! I enjoy watching/living vicariously through you.

Bryan Grant